Friday, 15 December 2017


Christmas period is the most beautiful of the year, the time when you are positively busy in a routine of happy hours-dinners-lunches-wishes which mark the cold days and evenings of December/January.

The choice of what to wear is not that easy, above all because the desire to be elegant and nice does not always agree with the falling temperatures of these months.
In order to help you to solve this problem we will talk about winter outfit for every situation.

This time we do it on our own way: we will not begin from dress, but from tights.

Assuming that every woman has her style and a particular event where to show it off, we don’t focus on which outfit fits an event, but we give general tips that could be useful for your daily life.

Let’s begin with the basic look: a pair of opaque tights, either microfiber or cotton for women who most feel the cold, could be combined with many possibilities: if we want to follow the rule: “simple on one side, eccentric on the other” we could opt for a dress, an unmatched outfit, with the so beloved Christmas sequins or red clothes, which could sound obvious, but are always elegant.
Without wasting too much money, given that during Christmas financial outcomes are more than incomes, you could find many elegant choices online, as this pair of tweed shorts.

Sequins give a shiny look to your style and could be worn with an informal outfit, a pullover for example, or on a special dress for the longest night of the year.

If you prefer a simpler elegance, you could opt for a total black look and take inspiration from the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. In this case we suggest you should combine a coloured accessory, for example red décolleté or gold earrings. Alternatively, you could choose a pair of opaque tights with a rear “surprise”, for example these rhinestones along the seam.


If, instead, you are fond of glitter and you do not want skin or black pantyhose, these lurex tights are the best choice.
With this model we suggest a match with plain colour dresses, classic black for example, with an accessory which recalls the colour of tights: Chiara Ferragni wears gold pantyhose with a gold wide bracelet.

With black nothing can go wrong, anyway we show you other possible matches, from which you could take inspiration if you do not love plain colour and want to shine. Our models are Gwyneth Paltrow, who wears metallic tights with a sequins dress, and Giuliana Rancic, who combines her glitter tights with a patterned skirt.

Let’s move on and talk about the never-ending fishnet tights (read more about it here).
Many are the possibilities: large, medium, micro net, but every type could be combined with for example a long light-coloured jumper which lightens the punk rock look, and with which you can wear a pair of high boots or heels to go out.

In case you have already chosen your dress and want to wear fishnet tights, you could combine a pair of over the knee socks, in order to keep the look lighter. Thigh-high socks are available in microfiber or knitted cotton, to keep you warm: wear them with a bordeaux or a red violet dress, with a pair of shoes or high boots.

Those who don’t love fishnet hosiery, but want something different from their everyday style, could opt for micro net with silver lurex, a choice to shine during an happy hour with colleagues or a disco party with friends. Here you can find some ideas.

Those women who most feel the cold have this winter a fashionable choice at hand, i.e. knitted cotton tights, available in many colours and patterns.
If they are grey for example, they could be combined with a maxi pull and a patterned jacket, or with a large dress for a more casual look.

Let’s change our perspective and begin with dresses. This tip is for those who love clingy or transparent lace dresses but don’t like to go out with bare legs. 

For you the best alternative is given by seamless pantyhose, sheer and invisible under every type of clothes and matchable also with over knee socks.

Seamless tights fit any dress, also midi skirt, that is to say the mid-length skirts which were already popular with Marilyn Monroe and are still trendy.
They are ideal for slim women but also for pear shaped silhouettes.
Be careful! They could shorten your figure, so they should be worn quite always with a pair of heels.

With this type of skirt you can also wear socks, and in this Christmas period lurex socks can light up your look, either with open shoes, or with a pair of sneakers.

That’s all with tight topic, now let’s move on towards a fashionable and versatile piece of cloth, that is to say leather leggings, which could have a thermic fleece inside for the coldest days.

Among the various possibilities we show you two outfits: the first with a pair of heels and a black sweater, combined with a wool violet red cardigan. Ideal for daily or night events. The second one instead combines a longer pull, for those who want to hide a bit their curves, with a coat and a shiny black clutch bag.

Last but not least, we could not avoid to talk about the lingerie for your New Year’s Eve, in particular hold ups, fashion evergreen, which could be worn under every type of dress, for example with a dress which reveals a piece of the lace band or with over the knee socks.

We showed you some ideas from which take inspiration, now think about your event or occasion and as always…have fun

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Braza – the best partner for your Christmas parties.

Christmas and New Year's Eve are nearer, and near is also the most important choice: what to wear?

If this  is, in no uncertain terms, a basic question, what you can be sure about is the choice of your lingerie accessory.

Once upon a time a company was founded in New York, named Brazabra Corp., which became soon one of the greatest producer of Lingerie Accessory worldwide. Their mission? Giving to every woman comfort and a safety and carefree feeling in her style with innovative products. 

Right in this festive season shop windows are full of clingy, colourful, transparent, lace clothes and for this reason Braza could become the hero of many women.

In this article we will deal with the "top part" showing you three of the most useful Braza products. 

 Beautiful as always, Jenny from the Block knows how to make a hit and in various Grammy Awards she showed a "meaningful" plunging neckline. 

As Braza itself says, she was wearing an invisible adhesive bra: hidden but really useful, thanks to its push up effect. Effective for J.Lo too.

 If you haven't chosen THE dress for the longest night of the year yet, but you want to impress with a plunging neckline this could be the best choice for you, either if you love dresses or if you are a more "trousers-shirt" woman. 
N.B. You don't need to have a "Lopez-cian" body, it is perfect for everyone!  😉


A very interesting match with this item, is the "flash tape", a bi-adhesive tape, which keeps your dresses stuck to your skin, so as not to run into the little
 problem that J.Lo. had during Grammy Awards!

Besides, this tape is ideal with everything, also jewelry or dresses with deep dresses slits.  

 Last but not least "style secret" for your Christmas parties is the backless bra with silicone.

Ideal if you are not at ease with a little tape on your breast and you want a more important support. It is the best and most comfortable choice for backless clothes. 
  Now that we have revealed some secrets you can go on looking for the perfect outfit for your parties, where you will surely be extraordinary!  😊
Have fun!

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Summer is almost over…fishnet tights not at all! Ever more particular collection are launched in the hosiery market.

But the question is always the same: how to combine them? 

Classic is always a safe choice, either with a casual look, or with an elegant one.
Fishnet tights with micro pattern for a look which is discretely transgressive


Classic skin fishnet, to be discrete but with a touch of sensuality.


Fishnet with large mesh for a stylish daring look 



Fishnet with a patterned band: elegant touch to sporty outfits.



Micro Fishnet with Lurex yarns for a shiny look, perfect also with a simple black dress.


Black or coloured, fishnet socks are versatile and ideal with every outfit. Thanks to the smooth sole they become the most comfortable socks ever worn!



Fishnet socks with lace trim, a special touch also to a pair of jeans. 


Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Some women say that the nine months of their pregnancy were the most beautiful of their lives, other would not agree so much with this statement. Giving life is surely one of the most extraordinary miracles, but it brings lot of changes on a woman body, and the style is affected by this metamorphosis.

The easiest decision would be going out with a pyjama or a sport suit for all the 270 days, but every woman lives “stylish” moments, when she wants to feel good with herself and other people (apart from hormonal changes).


This innate need has a prompt answer: maternity clothes!
The problem is that maternity or tailored-made clothes are not always affordable and furthermore spending money for dresses which are worn only for a short period could be seen as a waste (even if sometimes one or two purchases always cheer up a woman).

For this reason every blog for moms-to-be gives different solutions: buy online, reuse old clothes with some adjustments (adding a piece of elastic to the jeans) or borrow clothes from some new-moms.

Many solutions are available, but what should always be available in the wardrobe of a future mum during autumn, winter and a part of spring are tights and leggings, which could be very cheap online.
Maternity leggings and tights have a resistant and shaped structure, that “hugs” the belly in a delicate way, keeping it warm also during the coldest days. They often have flat seams so as not to leave signs and a support function to stimulate the blood flow and avoid that tingles which are so in love with pregnant women.

There could be periods in these 9 months, when you don’t feel so “feminine”. For this reason our latest article is about making you feel trendier and, why not, also sexy through some style choices combined with leggings and tights.
For every outfit we will have an inspiring figure, i.e. some famous people whose elegance also during the pregnancy period nourishes our envy (the beautiful Blake Lively is on the top list of enviable mom-to-be).


Ladder Resist Tights


Ladder resist tights are called in this way because their structure reduces the possibility that little holes becomes slashes along half-leg.

Besides the debate about “skin tights yes”/”skin tights no”, it is a truth universally acknowledge that a pair of 20/40 den tights are useful for mid-season, when temperatures are not so cold to wrap up, but also not so warm, above all when protection must be "doubled".

With these tights outfit options are many:
  • Tight dress for those who don’t have any problem in showing the belly and have a slim silhouette
  • Wide dress (not too much, so as not to seem “larger”)  for those who want to “blend in”.

The choice of the dress depends on your personal style: if you are a sporty woman you could wear something like this striped dress, with a long coat or a wool cardigan and a pair of boots.

Irene Closet

In case you should dress more elegantly you could opt for a light empire line dress with a pair of low or high heels boots. These dresses could fit also “after”, with, for example, an high waist belt.


Our inspiring celebrity is the always-elegant princess Kate Middelton, beautiful in this light pink dress and beige heels.

Plum Cherry Tree


Opaque tights

Those who usually don’t wear skin tights could opt for opaque ones, perfect either for the day or for the night.
The "impeccable" outfit does not exist, it depends on your personal taste. If you opt for a darker 60 den pair, you could wear a colourful dress, or, if you like the “total black” look, also a tone-on-tone choice.


Heels: yes or not? It depends on you. If you are able to wear heels during pregnancy without feeling you back creaking at every step, you could choose a pair of décolleté, but that doesn’t mean that low boots couldn’t be elegant too.

Attesa Maternity

Inspiring icons are princess Sofia of Sweden, who wears opaque tights with a patterned dress, a short black coat and low boots (I told you they could fit 😉), and the actress Zooey Deschanel in a red sleeveless  wide dress, which could be combined with a short black sweater.

Clio Make Up



Not only tights, but also leggings are comfortable and could fit every occasion.
For casual outfits, leggings could be worn with a maxi-sweater and a pair of Dr. Martens or with a country style blouse.

Irene Closet

Leggings are versatile and could be combined also with an elegant outfit: the maxi-sweater becomes a fleece beige dress, while the checked shirt could be replaced with a long white blouse, with or without trims and with a coloured long necklace. 
Also these outfits could be worn “after”, with, for example, little changes by your trustful tailor (any excuse to learn to sew!)

Irene Closet

The inspiring figure for this outfit is the italian fashion blogger Elisabetta Bertolini, who wears a soft coat and low shoes with glitter, a mix of casual and elegant.

Elisabetta Bertolini


For those who love warm clothes, but who don’t want to give up on style the solution is given by:

Cotton Knitted Tights

These tights are made of Cotton, ideal for the winter days and nights and have a chevron patterned knitted along the leg. They are perfect to be combined with a grey tone-on-tone sweater and a pair of boots. 
In this case you could opt also for a pair of knitted over the knee socks on skin tights.


If you don't like tone-on-tone looks, you could choose also a chic pink dress…


…or a mismatched outfit: black skirt with a white blouse.

Mamme a Spillo

The tip we give at the end of our articles is always the same: be yourself, it does not matter if your body is changing, keep your everyday style: if you love tight dress, wear them! If you like colours, give light to dark winter days!

And as always: take some inspiration and have fun! 😁